Tiburtina Station, the first place I visited after arriving from the airport.

In October 2023, I found myself strolling the streets of Rome, proudly representing Tab Space from Bandung, Indonesia. The World Food Forum, hosted by FAO-UN, invited us to showcase our neurodivergent artists’ talents globally, turning our week in Italy into a game-changing international collaboration.

Little did I know, I was about to embark on an artistic journey that would be etched in Tab Space’s history forever!

The World Food Day theme, “Water is food, water is life. Leave no one behind,” echoed our mission, and we owe a huge thanks to the amazing folks at WFF-FAO, especially Alex, Listya, Lindsay, Flora, and Kelzuki, for making this crazy ride possible.

We had the opportunity to introduce Tab Space to the entire audience of the World Food Forum from various parts of the world.
Official Tumbler WFF 2023 – Illustrated by Hikari Pride
Official Notebook WFF 2023 – Illustrated by Achmad Ilham Sadikin
Official Totebag and Polo-shirt WFF 2023 – Illustrated by Nauval Rizky Mochammad

Our talented trio—Ilham, Hikari, and Nauval—joined forces with my team to transform their quirky perspectives into rad merchandise, all proudly made in Italy. Nauval doodling his fave foods, Ilham rocking a robotic vibe, and Hikari diving into the latest trends – these guys brought the party to our inclusive narrative. Each artist’s unique groove reflects the diverse influences that make their artwork pop!

Cue the Radio Luiss interviews, where I spilled the beans on Tab Space’s roots, from my chance encounter with Prof. Primadi Tabrani in 2011 to our studio’s grand opening in 2022. The future? Oh, it’s all about global networks, collaborating with cool cats, and giving superpowers to disabled artists!

And guess what? Our partnership with WFF seamlessly aligned with their vibe of inclusivity and sustainability. The artists sprinkled their magic on the merchandise, turning it into the talk of the town. But hold on, it’s not just about the art. Stories of empowerment emerged – like Ilham, our epilepsy superhero, now managing his own cash flow. That’s right, folks, disabled artists can be a professional too!

Hikari proudly shows her artworks at WFF Official Polo-shirt and Tumbler

As the adventure rolled into Milan, I soaked in the sights at Mudec and Spazio Munari. Meetings with Mrs. Nieke from Pertamina and Mr. Moeldoko from the President’s Office? Just casual chats about future steps in supporting artists with disabilities, NBD.

Now, as I kick back and reminisce about this whirlwind trip, I can’t help but think about the behind-the-scenes moments that turned the journey into a legendary tale. Laughter during interviews, the artists going beast mode on their creations, and meetings that sparked potential collabs – it’s all in the frame.

So, to give you the full scoop, I’m suggesting a photo series that captures the essence of our escapade. Snapshots of our neurodivergent artists doing their thing, goofy moments during interviews, and postcard-worthy shots of Rome and Milan. These pics aren’t just for show; they’re the visual soundtrack to Tab Space’s epic journey from Indonesia to Italy – an adventure filled with art, inclusivity, and a promise of an even brighter future! 🚀✨

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