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The Little Monsters with a Big Mission

We love our artist's works that transform into 3D form. It might be a challenge to make yet it's fun to do it. We had the "Animal Plushies" collection by Angkasa which always sold out every time we restocked at the store, that might be proof that the cute fluffy bop is eveyrone's favourite, including the International mass. Read a full story about these young creatives, Adiva Prabandaru and Nathanael Christian who brought Kafin and Ata's monsters to South Korea for a big missions

Ciao da Tab Space: Fly to Rome for WFF 2023!

In October 2023, I found myself strolling the streets of Rome, proudly representing Tab Space from Bandung, Indonesia. The World Food Forum, hosted by FAO-UN, invited us to showcase our neurodivergent artists’ talents globally, turning our week in Italy into a game-changing international collaboration. Little did I know, I was about to embark on an […]

A Day at Kiki Creative

If I may be honest, what is the strangest yet unexpected moment that I ever had was, maybe running a Tab Space. I used to be very lowkey with the career path or somewhat like 'reaching dreams' or 'life goals'. So, I casually said yes when the first time Imaniar asked me carefully to join her forces, when we're chillin' out at some coffeeshop (by chillin' out means; buka laptop dan bekerja), I thought this just like doing some another project. Then, Imaniar introduced me to the concept of a "Supported Studio," she mentioned a studio in Japan known as Studio Cooca, which had profoundly influenced the born of Tab Space

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