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The Little Monsters with a Big Mission

We love our artist's works that transform into 3D form. It might be a challenge to make yet it's fun to do it. We had the "Animal Plushies" collection by Angkasa which always sold out every time we restocked at the store, that might be proof that the cute fluffy bop is eveyrone's favourite, including the International mass. Read a full story about these young creatives, Adiva Prabandaru and Nathanael Christian who brought Kafin and Ata's monsters to South Korea for a big missions

Becoming final year students of Interior Design at ITB, seems to still ignite the spirit of learning and embracing challenges for these two young creatives. Adiva and Nathanael bring out the ideas of using Tab Artist’s works for an art exhibition works at Nature Created by Design (NCBD) 18, a cultural exchange program for art & design students and academies that campaigning for an environmental issue. Held at Seoul Institute of Arts (SIA), Ansan, South Korea (2023), these international events are participated by universities around the world. Besides Indonesia, there is China, Japan, Italy Netherlands, UK and USA also engage in this programme.

The concept involves up-cycling waste materials to make them useful again, thereby reducing waste from the apparel industry, which can contribute to global warming. However, it goes beyond mere up-cycling; the products must also hold economic value, encouraging people to invest in them. To achieve this, they search for diverse and distinctive shapes that add value to their creations. Until they stumbled upon a collection of monsters drawn by Kaffin and Ata, that was produced during an art class session at Tab Space.


 “The most challenging thing from the project was to translate their drawings into another form (3d patchwork) while still maintaining their style. We’re also not used to working with fabric, so we just kinda experimented around with it” said Adiva. While this is primarily an art installation, they also added some economy act experiments by creating a price tag so people can purchase these plushies on the spot. This initiative serves as proof that the value inherent in these upcycled products could drive and stimulate both social welfare and economic prosperity. 


After all, this installation successfully draws the attention of the audience. The sheer tule which-somewhat is a nest of 12 little monsters, gradually leaves many spaces as people adopt them one by one.

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