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Panasonic Fridge Painting

Panasonic Fridge Painting




Perempuan Tangguh Indonesia
When we’re talking about medium of artwork, it’s not necessarily working on canvas or white paper. Everyday objects such as household appliances or electronic devices are also can be used as fine as a blank canvas. However, painting on the refrigerator is obviously has its own challenges. Not just because we have try to adapt with new medium, but It’s also because this is the first time we have made works for an auction. So we start to take this seriously (and also maintaining the fun and the joy to working on it) because we want this come out nicely.

“Karya Tanpa Batas”

Art Director:
Imaniar Rizki Waridha

Andra Naladira
Angkasa Nasrullah Emir
Adryan Adinugraha
Achmad Ilham Sadikin
Claudia Panca Fadilah

Art Facilitators:
Gangga Saputra
Rizka R Safitri
Nurul Lathifah
Annisa Fanny

Special thanks to @fragmentproject team:
Yanuar Banu H

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