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Kopi Toko Djawa

Kopi Toko Djawa




Kopi Toko Djawa
Amidst the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we often encounter numerous differences that unknowingly give rise to judgmental assumptions. However, regardless of social standing, gender, physical appearance, or intelligence, every individual inherently possesses a positive aspect, even if it is often concealed behind biased judgments. Last Ramadan, we had the opportunity to work with Kopi Djawa to contemplate the diverse ways in which virtue is expressed through illustrations. The urban details captured by Andra’s @andra_naladira photographic memory, combined with Adryan’s @adryan_adi naive and spontaneous lines, produce a work that looks contrasting but at some point, they blend in harmony. This collaboration reflects the different expressions of benevolence. Inviting the public to not only exchange forgiveness but also empathize with each other’s conditions and perceptions.

Kopi Toko Djawa “Selalu ada Kebaikan”

Art Director:
Rizka R Safitri

Adryan Adinugraha
Andra Naladira

Graphic Designer:
Kopi Toko Djawa – Creative Team

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