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Pijak Bumi x Tab

Pijak Bumi x Tab


When discussing sustainability projects, it is crucial to ensure that nothing harms Mother Earth, not even during the production process. Pijak Bumi, a shoe brand based in Bandung, Indonesia, is renowned for its use of natural materials and its commitment to environmentally responsible practices. They have collaborated with local artists to ‘upcycle’ rejected stock of their products. Instead of wasting or merely offering discounts on these items, Pijak Bumi aims to add value to the shoes by creating limited editions designed by these artists. We then invited our artists to participate and paint their preferred designs on the ‘rejected’ materials from Pijak Bumi, which were subsequently incorporated as a unique feature of these shoes.

Art Director:
Imaniar Rizki Waridha

Angkasa Nasrullah Emir
Adryan Adinugraha
Nauval Rizki Mohammad
Atallah Rakha
Claudia Panca Fadilla
Achmad Ilham Sadikin

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