Project Showcase

Sendal & Tabazaar

Sendal & Tabazaar


Partnered with FSRD ITB students who aim to make a sustainibility projects. We try to make a archiving system to our artwork collection, and make them useful again by re-use them as workshop tools to make a collage. Besides that, we launch Tabazaar as well to sell an old artwork with special offeirng. This new initiative coincides with the introduction of Tab Archive, Mystery Box, and The Blooming Hampers with Arafura Media Design as collaborators.

Held from April 11th to 13th, 2023, at Fragment Project 2A on Jl. Juanda No. 23, Dago, Bandung.

Tabazaar Team:

Raihanah Saarah Febriza
Bagas Mahardika
Karen Clahilda
Nathanael Christian
Margareth Widyadari

Other Works

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