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Ikea – Kreasi Jabar & Puka

Ikea – Kreasi Jabar & Puka




Every individual deserves the opportunity to work and work freely. People with disabilities are no exception. Their limitations are not a barrier. However, it is undeniable that individuals with disabilities do need a lot of support in working, be it in the form of systems, access, or moral support. LET’S BE FRIENDS! Celebrating the International Day of Disability, Tab Space and PUKA, sponsored by Kreasi Jabar, invite friends to get to know the works of disabled creators and the things behind them that are rarely revealed from their circle of support system.

Creative Director:
Imaniar Rizki

Graphic Designer:
Rizka R Safitri

Plushies Installation:
Nurul Lathifah

Claudia Panca Fadilla
Angkasa Nasrullah Emir
Nauval Rizki Mochammad
Achmad Ilham Sadikin
Mahesa Damar Sakti
Atallah Rakha Muhammad
Adryan Adinugraha
Andra Naladira
Suzanne M Yazid

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