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Artworks by artists with intellectual disabilities are often associated with children’s drawing, because visually they’re pretty similar. Genuine and daring, are words that might describe those similarities between the works by neurodivergents artist and the children. So what happen if they’re collaborate? Imagination that sparks as well as their courage to scratch the lines and colours without hesitation. Would it be amazing? Obviously, yes ✨ This collaborative project took up to 6 months of its journey. Visit each other’s studios to get to know the artists and students. Introducing children that everyone CAN and MAY work freely on paper, on canvas, on plastics, using markers, using crayons or using any kind of paint. We are very grateful to the entire team, artists and students of Tab Space and Semata Art School for holding this WIRE SPARKS collaboration exhibition!

@semataartschool team:
Kak Wilman
Kak Suniaty
Kak Claudine

Tab Space team:
Imaniar Rizki Waridha
Rizka R Safitri
Nurul Lathifah
Annisa Fanny

Special thanks:
Pak Baim

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