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Kaiju x Duck T-Shirt

Kaiju x Duck T-Shirt




Nina & Denboi
Angkasa had one artwork that became a favorite among everyone, and it was the Duck. Meanwhile, Adryan had a collection of Kaiju illustrations that had never been used for anything until one of our friends discovered it and wanted to turn it into wearable merchandise. Inspired by these cases, we decided to produce a shirt featuring the best artworks from our artists. To make it more representative of our artists, we adjusted the size of the T-shirt to be super large because Angkasa, being an artist, often struggled to find the right size for himself. This time, Angkasa didn’t have to force himself into a regular size; instead, we accommodated his size.

Angkasa Nasrullah Emir
Adryan Adinugraha

Creative Director:
Imaniar Rizki

Graphic Designer:
Rizka R Safitri

Photoshoot Team:
Hanina Sarafina

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